By working with other innovative Companies that excel in their chosen field, Cumberland Systems is able to offer a wider variety of solutions.

Strong relationships with our technology partners gives us a high level of confidence and understanding for identifying and proving new technologies.

Cumberland Systems currently works with

Cumberland Systems is privileged to be associated with the Eastern Institute of Technology, jointly we have produced several research papers and currently we are contracting EIT staff for innovative product reasearch and development.

Each year EIT releases a Research Showcase. Cumberland Systems features in 2011′s.

Cumberland Systems has signed an agreement with Damar Industries to develop leading edge laser sensitive inks.

Cumberland has signed a cooperation agreement MiCROTEC srl/GmbH a worldwide technological leader in wood measuring and recovery.

Cumberland Systems becomes an Acora Reneco partner leveraging Acora’s Australian customer base for Cumberlands innovative range of Lumber Industry products .

Datalase is a materials company with a portfolio of products; IP in the field of colour change technology. Cumberland has an agreement with Datalase for FoodMark an FDA approved edible laser markable product.