Lumber Industry

Cumberland Systems have been working with the Lumber Industry for several years now, and during this time they have developed several innovative solutions. These include:

 -  A major step forward in the marking and tracking of lumber products. Origin technology can be used for marking logs, green lumber, and kiln dried lumber. Origin has been proven to survive LOSP (Light Organic Solvent Preservation) and other preservation treatments including kiln drying. Now it is possible to place markings and track products throughout the entire lumber supply chain.


 - A new product designed from the ground up specifically for the sawmilling industry to track and report downtime events for sawmilling machine centres. Performant automatically tracks starved and constrained events. Should an event require the operator to input a reason for machine failure, this is done via an easy to use touch screen computer interface.


 - An invaluable tool for the management and analysis of bandsaw blade performance. This product combines leading edge database technology with precision sensing devices to monitor the deflection of the bandsaw blade at high sample rates. The management software provides easy to use tools for the saw doctor to review each blade run and to indicate planned and unplanned bandsaw blade changes.